King Britt - Adventures In Lo-fi

The Beat Generation series is “a series where the producer [is] given a chance to do an LP of music he always wanted to do. All the LPs are unique because they are so personal.” – King Britt Sept. 2002.

“I had always wanted to make an all hip hop LP, ever since I was in the Digable Planets band. I just hadn't gotten around to it. Now was my chance to do the LP I had always wanted to do. But I also had to do a few vocal tracks for the people that know me for doing songs and working with fantastic vocalists…I based the LP on the cult film, 'Brother from Another Planet,' which keeps in relation with my love of film and my involvement with Digable Planets. So this Brother arrives and observes all the different personalities (the featured artists) through his everyday encounters with people …[and] Rich Medina is the voice of this brother.”

‘Adventures in Lo-Fi’ is full of outstanding local talent, from Renaissance man dj/producer/poet Rich Medina and producer/lyricist Rob Life to Philly’s finest MC Grand Agent and not forgetting Philly’s next big singer Alma Horton who has recently been seen working with Sylk130, 4Hero and DJ Spinna.

And with a hip hop edge there is an abundance of MCs present. Bahamadia shows her awesome talent with timeless lyrics and flow on ‘Transcend,’ Quasimoto provides us with a tasty “chunk of space funk” on Spaces, whilst Kai Chi represents for the younger generation. There are the innovative rhymes and flows of Capitol A, Rilners jouegck, Miss Saigon and Will Brodie as well as a long awaited collaboration with Cherrywine (previously Butterfly from Digable Planets) dropping a trippy and truly “digable” style on the track ‘Sound’

Then there are the tracks that are crying out for dancefloors the world over. ‘Superstar’ features the luscious vocals of Ivana Santilli and will rock it whether it be in Miami or the westside of London! The fresh young talent of MC Dice Raw ensures that ‘Rise & Vibe’ will keep your feet moving and the uptempo remix of ‘Cobbs Creek’ is a rare treat for those who missed it the first time round!

King Britt delivers an album that truly reflects the sights, sounds and styles of the new millennium.


Adventures In Lo-fi



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