Various Artists - Okayplayer – True Notes Vol. 1

Okayplayer, founded in 1999 by The Roots´ drummer Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson, started as the online community that houses left of center music artists such as: The Roots, D´Angelo, Talib Kweli and Dilated Peoples. The Okayplayer brand has since expanded and has been associated with 3 US tours over the past 3 years, again focusing on left of center music artists and alternative urban culture.

The next natural progression for the expansion of the widely recognized Okayplayer brand was the formation of Okayplayer Records. Okayplayer Records is a partnership with Decon and Red Distribution. As a company, Decon brings together all the best in multi-media design and entertainment. Founded in 2000 by Peter Bittenbender and Jason Goldwatch, the company started as a small film production outfit and over the past 3 years, has rapidly grown into a successful design shop, independent record label and film/video production company.

?uestlove, the CEO of Okayplayer Records, has a vision for the label that begins with the release of the Okayplayer compilation: True Notes Vol.1. ‘True Notes’ marks an expansion of The Roots’ ongoing mission to support new artists. With the Okayplayer site and its community of devoted fans, the band has already helped to spark the careers of Eve, Erykah Badu, Common, Jill Scott, Cody ChesnuTT and more.

Executive produced by ?uestlove, this collection is a gathering of artists who The Roots say will be a part of the next movement in Hip-Hop. The Roots themselves hand-picked the artists on the album, including The Chapter and Nicolay & Supastition, unsigned artists who entered the band’s talent search through In addition to new artists, discover exclusive (!) and innovative tracks from some of the best names in Hip-Hop, as for example established underground favorites Skillz, along with Jean Grae, Little Brother, Dilated Peoples and Blackalicious.

The stage is set for Okayplayer to turn the independent music scene upside down.


Okayplayer – True Notes Vol. 1


04 - SKILLZ - Take It Back
05 - JEAN GRAE - Keep Livin
06 - HIEROGLYPHICS - Respect Deez
07 - DICE RAW - I Do What I Like
08 -NICOLAY & SUPASTITION - The Williams
09 - THE ROOTS - Y'all Know Who
10 - LITTLE BROTHER - Shake It
11 - BLACKALICIOUS - Just What Could Happen
12 - TRUCK AND MAC - Bang Bang
13 - SKILLZ - Pastor Skillz
14 - BABY BLAK & ADAM-BOMB - Can't Help Them With That
15 - EAN GRAE - Fall Back

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