Roy Ayers - Virgin Ubiquity: EP 2 Tarzan / Funk In The Hole (Osunlade / Platinum Pied Pipers mixes)

“Roy Ayers – Virgin Ubiquity – Remixed” is Roy's most ambitious project yet. Uniting leading remixers from across the hip hop, drum n bass, nu-jazz and house spectrum in a set of complete reworks of newly discovered gems and soon to be classic jams. It is a perfect reflection both of Roy’s prolific musicianship and his huge adaptability and influence. These EP's show how Roy’s sound has inspired and moulded new sonic forms from deep house to drum n bass to R&B and acid jazz. It also joins Roy himself in a celebration of the many directions in which his sound has travelled in recent years, especially through new Ayers-sampled productions which are constantly turning fresh listeners on to Roy’s early classics.

The second of three double-EPs to be released this year is “Tarzan / Funk in the hole”. Osunlade’s mix of “Tarzan” is set to be a future deep house classic. The dub is gritty and tribal and a must for all soulful house heads, already a favourite amongst a privileged few. Aloe Blacc calls on his Latin influences for this Tijuana tinged shuffle which complements Roy's vibes in an original and exotic re-working that takes "Liquid Love" to new heights. Platinum Pied Pipers have one foot firmly on the accelerator and one on the brake to bring you the tension found in their jazz funk epic take of "Funk In The Hole". TAOS’s snare driven, blissfully laid-back mix of "Sunshine" will just cruise you through the sultry summer time. Nicolay has the virtuosity and vision to make almost anything sonically possible. His version on "Funk In The Hole" is a horn drenched string arrangement that transcends and trips along the original. Jeremy Newall's "Late Night Rub" throws the Harlequin 4 against the Strings Of Life preserving the funk and adding undeniable danceability.

“Damn near every song that’s been done on me has been a hit”, says Roy, “from Brand Nubian, to a Tribe Called Quest, to Ed OG & the Bulldogs, to Will Smith, to Mary J. Blige, to Erykah Badu... In many cases, as in my case, they have revived artists. It's like a re-juvenation, a re-birth. All of a sudden, you're back on the scene”. As well as the matchless vibe and soul of Roy’s music, it’s his open-minded attitude and eagerness to explore new boundaries which drives the remix project forward.


Virgin Ubiquity: EP 2 Tarzan / Funk In The Hole (Osunlade / Platinum Pied Pipers mixes)


01 - Osunlade – Tarzan (Yoruba Soul Mix)
- 8:39
02- Osunlade – Tarzan (Yoruba Dub)
03 - Aloe Blacc – Liquid Love
04 - Platinum Pied Pipers – Funk in the Hole
05 - The Amalgamation of Soundz - Sunshine
06 - The Amalgamation of Soundz - Sunshine
07 - Jeremy Newall – Third Time (Jeremy’s Late Night Rub)

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