Princess Superstar - Bad Babysitter

‘Babysitting sucks!’ declares New York genie in a forty, Princess Superstar, in a smartass classic sure to put the emergency room paddles to hip hop’s sense of humor. Fated to be a ‘sure-fire number one smash’ ( Bad Babysitter chronicles a night in the life of a tyrannical hip-hop Lolita and her dishy childcare antics. Produced by DJ Mighty Mi and featuring Mr. Eon of the High & Mighty and Smut Peddlers, the single also features a remix by the legendary Mark the 45 King producer of Eminem’s Grammy award winning, ‘Stan’ and Jay-Z’s, ‘Hard Knock Life’, and Queen Latifah’s ground-breaking, ‘All Hail The Queen’. Bad Babysitter is just one stellar cut off Princess Superstar’s fourth full-length masterwork titled Princess Superstar Is, which has already been decreed ‘easily one of the years essential hip-hop works.' (The Independent). The song follows Princess Superstar ‘Manhattan’s premier rap mistress’ (NME), as she puts in some pigtails and plays a red-light-district naughty teen nanny.

With a punchy hook, a criminally infectious beat, and lyrics rife with side-splitting genius, Princess Superstar gives you ‘dynamite lyrics that explode then twist into taut, snappy rhymes’ (DJ Magazine) The hilarious video to this opus was shot in Hollywood and directed by Ben Zo (Spike Jonze’s former assistant). Complete with many showering boyfriends, the narrative watches our little red-headed Josh as he stares in stark fear when mommy and daddy (Kim Parker and Mr. Eon) bid him farewell, leaving him in a multi-million dollar mansion in the clutches of his oversexed babysitter who tells him to ‘go play under the kitchen sink’.  Wickedly unforgettable. 


Bad Babysitter