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“There is still so much music to discover from the annuals of history, Jazz is not elitist, it is just deep. We’re open, we want to share our music, we want people to know about it. The most important thing is to discover things.”
Gilles Peterson

The Kings Of... series continues in its aim of bringing you forgotten and neglected gems from the world of music. Each of the previous volumes has explored a different genre (Disco, Funk, Hip-Hop, House) and each has coupled luminaries of the genre to choose tracks that have influenced or been special to them in some way. This, the fifth volume, ventures into the vast, exciting world of Jazz. Influential DJ/Broadcaster Gilles Peterson pairs up with producer/remixer collective Jazzanova to bring you a selection of their top tracks across 2 CD’s.

Gilles Peterson: The man Time Out magazine recently called “the one man justification for the existence of Radio 1” started broadcasting over 20 years ago on London’s burgeoning pirate radio scene. Alongside his DJ’ing at various nights across South London he started the label “Talkin Loud” in the early 90’s. Home to a wide variety of acts extending into many genres, notable signings were Drum & Bass DJ Roni Size (winner of the 1997 Mercury Music Prize) and jazz-edged Hip-Hop legends The Roots. His Worldwide show on Radio 1 continues to explore the boundaries of World Music.
Gilles Peterson’s selection: “The History”
Gilles delves deep into his own extensive library, digging up tracks that range from early work like the blues-tinged saxophone recording of John Coltrane and the slow piano of Bill Evans (which ends the CD perfectly) to up-tempo pieces such as “Anthenagin” and a laid-back version of “My Favorite Things” by Mark Murphy. Peterson visits every decade from the 50’s to the 80’s and turns up an array of under-appreciated tracks by some of the most important names in Jazz.

Jazzanova are a “kollektiv” based in Berlin responsible for remixes to tracks by such artists as 4 Hero, King Britt and Roy Ayers. Their first big break actually came when Kings Of Jazz co-compiler Gilles played their first production on Kiss in 1997. Since then they have been able to work with a wide variety of artists, remixing tracks with a nu-Jazz twist. Their production draws influences from many genres and styles; Soul, House and not least Jazz.
Jazzanova’s selection: “The Present”
The Jazzanova side explores a range of contemporary styles influenced by Jazz and given many different names from Broken Beat to Jazz-House and Electronica.

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Gilles Peterson & Jazzanova - The Kings Of Jazz


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