Various Artists - Muro & Kon And Amir - The Kings Of Diggin'

Kon & Amir and DJ Muro's The Kings Of Diggin' continues the Kings of… series which has featured compilations by the likes of RZA, Keb Darge, DJ Premier, Mr. Thing, Masters At Work, Dimitri From Paris, Joey Negro, Gilles Peterson and Jazzanova. The Kings Of Diggin' lives up to its title and blows dust off gems that have never been released on a compilation. Witness the art of the dig.

Beat diggers and vinyl addicts don't just buy music; They rescue it from obscurity. Crate digging has always been an integral part of hip-hop culture; producers might spend days in basements and back alley record spots looking for "the perfect beat" with dirty fingers, dust masks, portable turntables- anything to aid their quest. With sample-based production making its way back into the mainstream (shouts to Kanye, Just Blaze and Rich Harrison), it seemed the perfect time for BBE/Rapster to bring out their latest Kings of… compilation.

Christian "Kon" Taylor and “Amir” Abdullah are two of the world's most respected crate diggers. Their On Track tapes are the definitive compilations of their kind and their On Track 12"s series of re-edits in hot demand all over the world. Collecting wax since the tender age of five, Kon is an established DJ, producer and engineer, while Amir, a vinyl addict since 1986, DJs and is Sales Manager at ABB Records. Their diggin' tales are the stuff of legend. They've scored crates from spaced out hippies in upstate NY, gangsters and pimps out west, shopped with an armed escort on the West side of Chicago and unearthed gems in virtually every scenario imaginable.

"To be a crate digger, one must be willing to spend a lot of time in a dirty record store. You must be willing to go thru someone's garbage to find records. It can also mean not having a steady girl because most women don't understand why we collect records. It takes a lot of dedication, skill, know-how, and patience." Amir

"Digging for me is all about learning... since I'm passionate about music... it comes easy to me. Finding an old record that blows your mind is like... good food or sex." Kon

Kon & Amir will be available for interviews. Kon & Amir will also be touring extensively in support of this release.

CD 2 in this set is compiled by Japanese producer DJ Muro…
DJ Muro has been releasing his King of Diggin mixtapes for years, and is without a doubt Japan's resident vinyl king. With a collection in excess of 100,000 records, he rents a separate apartment in Tokyo (which ain't cheap) just to house his collection. His Japanese only Blue Note & Stones Throw compilations have both sold well over 10,000 copies. He has been constantly reinventing the shape of Japanese hip-hop for over ten years. He has DJ'ed worldwide and he is also a label owner, A&R, producer and owner of the hip-hop store Savage.

…Little is known about the artists and tracks who appear on this record. Don't mind the dust...

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