Various Artists - Discovered - As sampled by Daft Punk

Parisian duo Thomas Bangalter & Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo aka Daft Punk quickly rose to acclaim by adapting a love for first-wave acid house and techno to their younger roots in pop, indie rock, and hip-hop. Formed in 1993 the duo released their debut single ‘Alive’ on celebrated techno label Soma which was instantly hailed by the dance music press as the work of a new breed of house innovators, the single was followed by ‘Da Funk’ the bands first true hit, they were quickly signed to Virgin Records and in 1997 the ground breaking ‘Homework’ album was released.
Albums: Discovery, Human After All, Musique and Alive have since followed to huge critical and commercial success  all containing their unique dancefloor-oriented blend of house, funk, electro, and techno, with sprinklings of hip-hop-styled breakbeats and excessive, crowd-firing samples.

What their legions of fans and dance music lovers may be not aware of is their love of a good sample, some of which have been rounded up on this crucial collection – original tracks that form the basis of their most known hits including ‘Da Funk’ , ‘Around The World’ and ‘Harder Better Stronger Faster’ and may more…
Ten years on since the release of ‘Homework’ the band continue to win new fans and remain in the spotlight, playing at every major festival and embarking on a world tour and releasing their debut film ‘Electroma’       
For any Daft Punk fan or dance music lovers out there- these tracks are essential listening…

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Discovered - As sampled by Daft Punk


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